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At Xtended Lab we are dedicated to Daydreaming, Designing and Developing Immersive Experiences in various industries.

With the wonderful possibilities that technology offers us nowadays, we create Immersive Realities in Virtual and Mixed Environments that enrich people's lives and work.


Immersive Industries

Real Estate

It is our turn-key service in which we develop Immersive Experiences on real estate projects, simplifying and improving sales results.


It is our area of ​​development in Immersive Solutions aimed at the treatment of mental health diseases and training health professionals.


We design Immersive Experiences that simplify and help in job training for  industrial tasks or machinery, minimizing costs and learning times.


Throught this service we develop Immersive Experiences for sports and artistic shows, generating a new and additional source of income for brands.


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About Us

We are a collaborative team of Creatives, Developers and UX Experts that are passionate about Technology.
Thinking strategically and leveraging new trends, we provide comprehensive Immersive Solutions for agencies and companies that are at the forefront of their respective industries.



  • Why should I use Virtual Reality in my Company?
    The benefits are multiple: Facilitates and accelerates the sale of products and services Allows experiencing a final product before its physical development Generates commercial and advertising cost savings Allows training in safe environments Work and collaborate with remote distributed teams as if they were in the same room Increases the speed of learning User´s Manual or Video Tutorials are part of the past and not nearly as efficient or effective Simplifies complex problems/situations Suitable for different learning styles Innovative and enjoyable Boost excitement and engagement Improve learning outcomes More student/employee focus Open up new opportunities and create accessibility for every student/employee Improve understanding of complex or conceptual subjects Build emotional intelligence, awareness and understanding Improve technical, communication and collaboration skills Improves brand positioning
  • Do I need any special device to run the Experiences?
    Yes. If you ordered an Augmented Reality Experience you will need an smartphone to run it. If you ordered a Virtual Reality Experience you will need a VR headset. We recommend Oculus 2 or Pro.
  • Can I order a Virtual Reality Experience if I don´t have a VR headset?
    Sure! We can provide you one depending on your plan and needs.
  • Is a VR headset expensive?
    Is cheaper than years ago and as expensive as a smartphone. You can check the prices in the Oculus Store:
  • What do we do in Xtended Lab?
    At XL we are dedicated in developing immersive turn-key experiences, both Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in various industries.
  • What do our turn-key services include?
    Our turn-key services includes: - Planning, Creation, Design and Programming of the Immersive Experience. - Onboarding - Technology Training - Virtual Reality Headsets supply (optional) - Build of safe immersive spaces for the use of Experiences (optional)
  • What is Virtual Reality?
    Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer/digital generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, responding to physics properties and interactivity, making the user feel and believe they are immersed in a real sorrounding. The environment is perceived through a device known as Virtual Reality Headset or HDM (Head Mounted Device)
  • What is Augmented Reality?
    Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user´s environment in Real Time. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which creates a totally artificial environment, AR users experiences a real-world environment with generated perceptual information overlaid on top of it.
  • What is Mixed Reality?
    Mixed Reality (MR) is a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking natural and intuitive human-computer interactions with the environment and 3D objects. Mixed Reality involves Augmented Reality (AR) and Augmented Virtuality (AV). This new technology is based on advancements in computer vision, graphical processing, display technologies, environment recognition and input systems.
  • What is Extended Reality?
    Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrela term for computer-generated environments that merge the physical and virtual worlds or create an enterily virtual experience for users. XR lies at the intersection of three technologies: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). By bringing all of this together, XR can uncover a broad new spectrum of opportunities across real and virtual based experiences.
  • What type of Reality should I use in my project?
    You don´t need to worry about that !! We will guide you to choose the most appropiate technology for your project according to your needs.
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